Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Nate Williams and I at the MTC PROVO!
Hey everyone,

I hope things are good at home. We have had a pretty good week here in Garden City and we are planning on an even better one next week. Whitney, one of our investigators, is progressing quickly towards baptism. She told us that she felt a sense of urgency to baptized and she definitely felt that it was what God wanted her to do. The week was full of miracles but it was also pretty slow. I know the Lord wants me to learn something from this experience, I just haven't quite figured it out yet. Friday was an amazing day though. We had Zone Conference, which is a big meeting with all of the Zone where President Bell and the Assistants do trainings and different workshops and things. I learned a ton and received a lot of revelation about how I could make myself a better missionary and be a more effective servant of the Lord.

Sadie, I need a favor, one of the members here is taking a college math class, it's basically 1050 and he's asked me to help him, could you please talk to Fawcett and see if he has any materiel that you could send me that might help me make sure I'm teaching the stuff right?  If there is please send it ASAP. 

 Tell Big Cam hello for me, it's word to think that he is home now. Sundays are pretty normal. One of us and one of the zone leaders goes to ward council and the other two go out and wake people up for church. Then it's just church as regular. I got up bore my testimony last fast Sunday because Jason, the one who got baptized, wanted to see me do it, but they haven't asked us to talk in church or anything.  As far as staying in shape I'm down anywhere from five to ten pounds from what I came out at. It all depends on how much we bike everyday. That's cool you got to hear from Corb,  how's he been doing out there?  I guess I'm probably closer to him geographically than you guys probably are, I don't know.  I haven't had to play the piano yet because there is one of the young men in the ward who plays, he is a lot like me when I first started out, pretty reluctant and pretty nervous but it comes with time.

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