Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey Everybody,

It's been a really good week again this week. A lot of our appointments fell through but each time we were able to find someone else to teach and have a spiritual experience with.  I have gained a testimony of God putting us where he needs us when he needs us there. We were able to have another lesson with Juan the husband that I talked about in my last email. He is really starting to feel the spirit and is progressing quickly towards baptism.  We also do a lot of work with less active members and a lot of them are coming back to church. It's great to see the change in their lives that just going to church each week can make. Last night one of our appointments fell through but the neighbors were outside and we felt like we should talk to them. We walked over and said hello and right away the wife knew we were missionaries and started looking for our name tags. We asked her how she knew we were missionaries and she said she had been a member since 1982. She told us she still reads the Book of Mormon and all the other stuff the missionaries gave her, but she doesn't go to church because her husband is Lutheran and they don't attend either church because they can't agree on one to go to together. Her husband restores old cars as a hobby and he had a really cool looking Ford Galaxy in his garage, and a restored Ford Ranchero parked across the street. They were moving another Ranchero into their back yard so we helped them push it around and get it put away. The husband was truly grateful for the help and seemed like a pretty good guy. We will have to see where it goes. 

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