Monday, August 24, 2015

This week has been crazy, we left the MTC at 2:30 Tuesday morning and
were in Wichita by 1:00 in the afternoon, Kansas time.  After they
took the pictures you saw they sent us out with some more experienced
missionaries to get our first taste of real missionary work. Later on
we listened to a talk to by Jeffery R. Holland and had interviews with
President Bell.  We finally got to the mission home about 9:00 at
night, all in all we went for roughly 18 without sleep. The humidity
is insane, it hit me as soon as we got off the plane.

Wednesday we had orientation in the morning and then had a transfer
devotional where we got our trainers and all the departing
missionaries bore their testimonies. My trainers name is Elder Murphy,
he is from Safforrd, Arizona. He has been out about eight months now I
think. We get along well. We are serving in Garden City, which is in
the west you can see it on the mission map. We are on bikes so we bike
anywhere from 10-15 miles a day.  Our zone leaders live around the
corner from us and there is also a pair of Spanish speaking sisters in
Garden.  It gets hot here,  I come home every night and my shirt is
stuck to my chest with sweat.

Last night we had a lesson with a family who we met on Friday and it
was incredible. The wards here does what they call sports night where
anyone from the ward who wants to, gets together to play dodgeball and
other games. While we were there a couple's car broke down in the
parking lot and one of the members grabbed them and started doing a
church tour. Elder Murphy and I were able to set a second appointment
and visited them last night.  They speak Spanish so I can't say too
much but I can pretty much tell what they are talking about and I ask
Elder Murphy after lessons to clarify thins I'm not sure on. They are
totally ready to be baptized. They committed to be baptized as soon as
they find out it is true. We left them with an invitation to pray and
are sure they will know it is right as soon Asa they pray. We are
going over there for another lesson with them on Tuesday.

There are few things they wanted us to make sure you knew back home.
First, the best way to whip packages is through the postal service to
the mission office like you did that first one, and then they can
forward them, they can't forward them if they are UPS or FedEx.   My
mailing address is 606 Long Boulevard Apt. B6 Garden City Kansas.  I'd
did get the package, but apparently we did not need to send bedding
they gave all the news missionaries bedding when we got here. The coat
does fit.  I got the debit card but I haven't had to use it yet,
members feed us almost every day.

Hope everything thing is good in Coalville, keep me posted.
Much love,
Elder Boyer

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